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About How To Create and Sell Websites Online Website.

A site about creating an extremely valuable website that naturally could sell for six figures. Unsolicited buyers will approach you, simply based on the quality, volume, and success of your the website.

Like many people, I had a day job that I worked 40 hours a week at, and I was miserable with it.

It was not so much the hours themselves, nor was it the job itself. I could deal with the actual job. But the grind of doing it so consistently was wearing me down emotionally. I wanted to come home each night and start a business that could eventually set me free, and even gathering the energy to try to do that was very difficult.

My day job was sapping my strength to pursue a better life. Worse, I fell into the trap of spending money to feel better about myself. “I work hard, I deserve to reward myself, right?”

Wrong attitude. At some point, I realized that if I could create even a modest online income and combine that with sensible frugality, then I could purchase my freedom and some day walks away from my day job.

Eventually, the pain of grinding out a living by sacrificing 40 hours of my time each week became too great for me to ignore. I wanted something different for my life, so I set out to create a business.  This Website sums up the story of my life and how I managed to break out of the job slavery and blossom into my own freedom of earning.


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